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Console racks

Console racks are designed primarily for the storage of large-surface and long materials.

Together with steel racks, console shelves become very flexible aides for storing goods of varying sizes, especially if the selection and type of goods is constantly changing.

Console racks guarantee:

  • An optimal use of space
  • Rapid manipulation of goods
  • Adjustability of the consoles

Surface treatments for console racks

All steel components feature quality lacquer. The colour of the stand and console is blue RAL 5010 or green RAL 6020. Delivery includes all connecting parts, stretchers and anchor screws necessary for assembling the racks. Some components have a zinc coating to protect against corrosion.

Heavy and long materials are easy to remove from our racks

We will custom design console racks to meet your wishes. Console racks will be sized based upon the materials you are planning to store.

Ordering information:

Would you like to send us an order, or find out more information? Please contact us using the order form below.

To work up an offer, we need to know the dimensions and weight of the material to be stored on a single level. It's also good to indicate the required height of the rack or the height of the highest level.

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