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Fire resistant cabinets

Special welded metal cabinet with increased fire resistance meeting increased demands for safe storage of documents, file folders, as well as goods and tools.


We offer several size variants of metal cabinets. The cabinets are standardly supplied with opening doors with five-point locks and safe keys, or they may be supplied with numeric locks.

Table of dimensions
  Height in mm Width in mm Depth in mm
Cabinet with increased fire resistance 1226 650 500
1226 1200 500
1950 650 500
1950 930 500
1950 1200 500

Metal cabinets feature adjustable shelf heights and may be supplied including one or two compartments in the upper section of the cabinet as well as a retractable shelf for hanging folders.

Quality is standard

  • the body and doors are manufactured of bilayer steel with a thickness of 1.0-0.8mm enclosing special mineral wool insulation, meeting the requirements for fire resistance Class A under DIN 4102
  • the cabinet is resistant to small fires and attempts at theft
  • the doors are set on sturdy external hinges - opening 180°
  • the doors locked with five-point tumbler locks (three bolts to the side, one up and one down)
  • lock with key with two catchers
Body and doors
Group 0 light grey
RAL 7035
RAL 7021
RAL 1015
Group I light blue
RAL 5012
dark blue
RAL 5010
RAL 5021
RAL 6011
RAL 3003
Group II White
RAL 9010
Pastel yellow
RDS 0959030
RAL 2000
RAL 9006

Groups 0 and I may be combined without charge.

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