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Metal furniture

Lockers 7 Lockers

Welded metal lockers are a practical, sturdy solution for wardrobes and changing rooms.

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Filing cabinets 16 Filing cabinets

Welded metal filing cabinets for documents – the cabinet offers a high degree of comfort in file handling and storing documents.

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Metal cabinets 1 Metal cabinets

Welded metal cabinets for documents offer high comfort in working with documents, file folders and even goods and equipment.

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Workshop furniture 1 Workshop furniture

Special metal welded cabinets with high-load shelves, tool cabinets, workbenches with wooden upper platform and many other kinds of furniture used in workshops and production halls.

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Fire resistant cabinets 1 Fire resistant cabinets

Special welded metal cabinet with increased fire resistance meeting increased demands for safe storage of documents, file folders, as well as goods and tools.

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Office furniture 1 Office furniture

Ordinary and atypical furniture, laminated or veneered chipboard made to order to meet the customer's wishes.

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