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Moveable racks

Flexitek sliding rack systems will enable you to save up to twice as much material, archives or goods in the same space, or allow you to store the same amount of material in half the area. Service aisles may be created right where you need them.

Main benefits of Dirp moveable racks

  • Our professional rack system with moveable rows of racks on wheels is composed of tracks, an undercarriage with drive mechanism and shelving racks.
  • Tracks may be installed flush with the room floor. This is an advantage when building new areas or reconstructing existing buildings. The tracks may also be laid on a finished floor. To increase comfort, an additional trafficable floor made of laminated DTD boards may be installed, with the tracks set flush into the new floor.
  • The undercarriage is a carefully manufactured, welded piece with an integrated drive system. It is installed on tracks, with the number depending upon the length and load of the rack on wheels.
  • The rack system is perfectly attached to the construction of the undercarriage using screws, with the two creating a compact assembly.


Double-sided use of the movable rack is always offered on a single undercarriage featuring two independent rack units. In practice, this means that you can set the shelves one way on the left side of the movable rack and one way on the right side. At the same time, we can separate these two rack units from each other, e.g., using a dividing wall or a backstop at the back of the shelves.

This design for movable shelves provides you with flexibility in the use of space for archival or storing goods. A solid frame/walls may be added on the front or back sides to create a compact unit.


The Flexitek movable rack system is put in motion by turning a control wheel (so-called mechanical movement) in the proper direction of movement. The clutch is made in such a way that even fully loaded rack or several movable rack may be very easily controlled and set in motion.

A more comfortable variant, especially for long, heavy movable racks, involves electrical control of individual movable racks (so-called electrical movement). The rack is then put in motion by pressing the control switch or, to provide maximum comfort, by using a photosensor when the rack is approached.

The less expensive alternative to mechanical movement is manual movement. It is used primarily with very short single or maximally double assemblies. There is only a handle in place of the control wheel and the moveable rack is put in motion by pulling.


Table of dimensions for movable racks
Standard height of racks 1980mm 2100mm 2340mm 2460mm 2700mm 3060mm  
Number of shelves per module for A4 portrait format 5 5 6 6 7 8  
Number of shelves per module for A4 landscape format 5 6 7 7 8 9  
Standard modules 1000mm 1240mm 840mm – doplňkový modul
Standard movable rack depth 530mm 630mm 730mm 830mm 930mm 1030mm 1230mm
Adjustability of shelves 20mm            

The overall length of the rack, or the space necessary for the movable rack, is determined as follows: the total of the modules used (1000, 1240, 840mm) + 84mm for manipulation + 150mm for the control wheel + an allowance for offset from the wall of 120-180mm.

Example: using a movable rack length of 4m = 4 modules of 1000 = 4000 + 84 + 150 + 120 = 4354mm total that the movable rack will extend into the room space from the wall.


The Flexitek movable rack system offers a broad spectrum of accessories to maximize use. The rack may contain not only binders and binder boxes but, with accessories, file folders and hung maps, as well.
Accessories: Shelf dividers, sliding shelves, clips for holding maps and dividing walls. If necessary, the assembly may be equipped with a central lock, movable side doors and sealing to fight dust.


Should your storage and archival requirements change in the future, the Flexitek rack system is ready to be quickly adapted to your demands.

Surface treatment: baked powder colour with a layer thickness of 60-80µm or a zinc coating.

Table of surface treatments
Type Surface treatment
Tracks zinc coating
Undercarriage dark grey RAL 7016
Rack frame dark grey RAL 7016
Shelves light grey RAL 7035 or zinc coating
Front of rack white RAL 9010, black RAL 9005, grey RAL 7035, dark grey RAL 7046, light blue RAL 5012, dark blue RAL 5002, light green RAL 6027, red RAL 4002 or zinc coating


The Flexitek System is a professional rack system whose design, manufacture, supply and assembly meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates. Our team of employees is constantly working to improve it and design new accessories for all-round use.

Ordering information:

Would you like to send us an order, or find out more information? Please contact us using the order form below.

If you're interested in a precise price offer for the movable rack system, we need the following information from you:

  • dimensions of the space in which you wish to locate the rack system. Don't forget to take ceiling height into account.
  • the actual height of the rack unit - how high you want the highest shelf to be.
  • whether the tracks will be "in" or "on" the floor.
  • what will be stored - binders, archive boxes, goods... it's always important to know the maximum dimensions.
  • special wishes - if you already have special wishes or atypical goods, please let us know during our first contact, it will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

We'll work up a price offer for you free of charge in the shortest time possible (normally within 48 hours). What's more, we'll advise you how best to use the space you have available.

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