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Multilevel warehouses

A multilevel warehouse is an ideal solution for increasing the capacity of the racks or maximally using the height of the warehouse, simply and without any reconstruction. The technology is widely used for replacement parts and high turnover materials, as well as for archives and libraries.

Possible designs

Multilevel warehouses may be designed from shelving as well as pallet racks. Using trafficable horizontal floors, high rack modules are divided into several levels.


Floors may be designed in several different ways, using chipboard, a combination of trapezoidal metal and chipboard or grids with perforated panels. Everything depends upon the demands of the operation. The floor system also naturally includes a staircase and railing.

Multilevel warehouses are always custom designed depending upon your space and requirements.

Ordering information:

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To prepare an offer, we need most of all to know what goods will be stored: their sides, packaging, any manipulation and their weight (or the burden they place on the shelf).

We're also interested in the space and the dimensions for the multilevel warehouse and the height available to be used.

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