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Pallet racks

Pallet rack systems are a basic design for storage and logistical centres in which goods are manipulated by being placed on pallets with the help of manipulation technology. The efficiency of storage is dependent upon the rack system chosen.

Pallet rack systems consist of a frame and loadbearing surfaces, in which the surfaces always create individual storage levels. We offer racks for standard pallet storage and also design storage for large-surface materials or manual storage of goods without using pallets.

Surface treatment for pallet racks:

  • Frame – dark blue or zinc coating
  • Loadbearing surfaces – yellow or orange

Standardly supplied with:

  • frames
  • loadbearing surfaces
  • protection against unwanted slippage of the loadbearing surface
  • connector (for double racks)
  • foot with anchor screw

Deluxe equipment includes:

  • metal shelf filling
  • DTD board filling
  • pallet backstop
  • cross piece under DTD board
  • protection of the frame against damage/blows

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Basic information for an appropriate design of rack technology includes dimensions and weight of the pallet to be stored.

The dimensions of the warehouse and the height of the highest shelf are also limiting factors for designing the rack system. It is important to take into account the use of forklifts, which require a certain manipulation space and may have an influence on the maximum storage height.

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