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Shelving racks

Shelving racks are designed for warehouses for the storage of primarily light parts which are manipulated by hand during storage. They are also essential for archives, file rooms, libraries, in laboratories, offices and on sales floors.

So that we meet your requirements for storage or archival to the maximum extent, we offer high-quality professional rack systems.

The Variant FL and FZ rack system

The Variant FL and Variant FZ systems are screwless rack systems thought through to the tiniest detail. The rack is composed of a frame and shelves, with the frame consisting of two sides joined by an appropriate number of cross-pieces. Each side is fitted on the bottom with a plastic or metal foot. The shelves are designed as self-supporting panels of the appropriate length and width, affixed to the rack frame by hooks. The stability of the rack assembly is ensured by a cross brace.

Shelving rack dimensions

A dimension table for shelving racks
Standard height of racks 1830mm 1950mm 2190mm 2550mm 2910mm    
Number of shelves per module for A4 portrait format 5 5 6 7 8    
Number of shelves per module for A4 landscape format 5 6 7 8 9    
Standard modules 840mm 1000mm 1240mm        
Standard shelf depth 250mm 300mm 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 600mm

Variant Shelves are often used for storing archives. For this purpose, the rack system has the following features:

  • shelf depth from 250mm
  • an often used shelf depth is 350mm - for storing documents in stacks
  • adjustable up to 20mm
  • hooks recessed into the shelves to allow use of the full shelf length
  • many accessories for increased comfort
  • weight-bearing capabilities of the shelves from 90kg to 220kg

Accessories: The Variant Shelving System offers full comfort: each shelf may be fitted with a backstop, reinforcement for increased loadbearing or shelf dividers. Slide-out shelves, sliding drawers, map holders, etc., may be used instead of shelves in the rack. The rack may then be fitted with a back wall or dividing walls (with double-sided design), sliding or opening doors or a solid frame, all in a variety of colours.


The two types of shelving rack differ only in terms of colour. See the following table.

Table of shelving rack colours
Type Variant FL Variant FZ
Frames dark grey RAL 7016
Shelves light grey RAL 7035 zinc-coated
Solid frames, back walls, doors light grey RAL 7035, light blue RAL 5012, dark blue RAL 5002, red RAL 4002, light green RAL 6027, dark grey RAL 7046, black RAL 9005, white RAL 9010 or cream RAL 1013

Quality design, attractive appearance, easy assembly, a range of colours and accessories will all make the Variant FL and Variant FZ shelving rack systems a reliable partner not only for your warehouse, but also for your office, archives, fileroom, library, sales floor or surgery. The majority of these parts are in-stock in our warehouse and may be supplied within 24 hours.

Ordering information:

Would you like to send us an order, or find out more information? Please contact us using the order form below. If you're interested in a precise price offer, please indicate the required height, depth and width of the racks. It's also a good idea to designate the number of shelves in a single module and their estimated load, and also to indicate any interest you may have in solid outside frames, dividers or backstops.

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