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Steel platforms

Steel platforms are an ideal solution for increasing the capacity of the warehouse or maximally using the height of the warehouse, simply and without any reconstruction. The technology is widely used for storage, as well as for a combination of production and storage, or a combination of storage and offices.

Principle of steel platforms

Steel platforms horizontally divide the space into several stories. In contrast to multi-storey warehouses, the weight-bearing element of the floor is not the rack system but rather the raster of the steel columns designed in keeping with the dimensions and load of the steel platform.


The platform may be designed in several ways, including DTD board, a combination of trapezoidal metal and DTD or grids with perforated panels. Everything depends upon the demands of the operation. The floor system also naturally includes a staircase, railing and, if necessary, a gate for loading goods.

Steel platforms are always custom-designed.

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To work up an offer, we especially need to know the purpose for which the steel platform will be used - primarily the required load on the platform, or the method of handling goods on the platform. It's also good to indicate the space and the dimensions for the steel platform and the height available to be used.

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